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Re: How to Make a Reusable Sandwich Wrap

Hello All,

This is such a cute idea, but really I don't think its practical due to the lack of a safe liner. I use waxed paper bags for backing lunches. They are biodegradable, natural (wax and paper), compostable, and do a good job of keeping food. Not to mention you can reuse them fairly easily.

For liquid/larger items I use stainless steel or class containers.

Re: How to Make an Eco-Friendly Snack Bag

Hey all,

You can't really line these with anything and feel safe about it. The fda approved cans and their lined with BPA. So I wouldn't take their approval into account. Your best bet would be to use an organic cotton, or just wrap your sandwiches in wax or parchment paper. Or if you really want to be eco-friendly and safe at the same time, find some stainless steel snack containers. Like the ones sold at healthykitchenware.com.