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Re: Book Giveaway: Kanzashi In Bloom

Oh crafty book giveaways are the cyberspace kind of sunshine I like. :-)

Re: How to Make a Pearly Box Fit for a Queen, or King

I would've never painted something black and added white buttons to it, but when I see it it's visually stunning! Great project!

Re: Book Giveaway: The Bold and the Beautiful: Button It Up

Buttons really are a great and fun material to play with! Thanks for the review!

Re: Crafting Your Personality

Thanks for a fun read!

Of course you could extract the personality out of your craft - if you yourself is the interpreter. I wouldn't let anyone else do it... I think they would come to the conclusion that I'm crazy and lock me in! :-) I do lots of things and play + experiment a lot. It doesn't make me an adventurer or explorer in real life, coz' I'm a stay at home gal. It might be craziness now that I think about .... schyy, don't tell!!!

Re: Organize Your Embroidery Floss

Smart, easy and beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Re: How to Make an Impression: Extraordinary Thank-You Notes

It's beautiful but I can't imagine it would look as delicate if I cut out flowers, hehe. I'd love to see photos of your bird cages too, did you take any? :-)

Thanks for posting, it sure is a beautiful letter!

Re: How-to: English Paper Piecing Project

Thank you, it's a great tutorial and a fun way to use paper-piecing that will not be a big quilt (not a good starting point...). I've recently made several balls using paper-piecing and you can find my tutorial and pattern here

How to handsew a patchwork ball! Enjoy!

Re: Yo-Yos and Couching: Two Easy-to-Do Embellishment Techniques

Never heared or clutching - oh what fun! Thanks for the tip! I've seen yoyo's around on the net but never tried those either. I think I need to try some! :-)

Great images in your tut!

Re: Your Yarn Inventory—To Slash or to Stash?

The template is nice, I thin I'll try to use it though I have to many one skein or balls of un-identified objects to count!

Re: Vintage Image Pendants

Wow, they are so pretty!! How did you seal them? It looks very professionall to me!

Re: Three Fun Spool-Knitting Crafts to Try

So cute! Love the pen cozy, it's a must make I think!

Re: How to Crochet a Bead and Wire Bracelet

Sooooo pretty Diane, and my colors and everything. I just need to try this I think! :-)

Re: Needle Felted Critters

All of them are very pretty! Love the panda!

Re: Rock Star Janes

Very cute!

Re: This Week On CraftStylish

I just joined the community and wow, it's a great design on this site and a lot of fun content. Though I can't find a tutorial of the bracelet above? Maybe I've turned blind from the sun today!?

Craft on!

Re: Colorful drops for your ears

Great glow in the photos and beautiful ear drops!

Re: A Beginner's Perspective on Fused Glass Jewelry

Nice post! I wrote about my experince with glassfusing recently in my blog here:

and the finished glass can be viewed here if you're interested:


Re: Turning Trash Into Craft

Nice interview - creativity is so much about SEEING, isn't it? I think Tiffany proves that here. It's not trash - it's materials!

Re: How To: Organize Your Buttons

Nice photo! A jar of assorted buttons is so beautiful I prefer them like that most of the time, though zip-locks are great too! :-) Oh, I do have some sorted though, in those plastic boxes with compartments that is sold for beads or in hardware stores. They have transparent lids and shallow compartments, great for viewing your favorite buttons! :-)