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Re: How to Use Draw-Cord Gathering to Give Your Curtains a Little Pick-Me-Up

great idea

Re: How to Turn Bed Sheets into Shopping Totes

oh brother on the collecter thing but to each his own just makeing the straps and putting them on old pillow cases would work i got a bunch of old pillow cases from a motel i worked at they were just going to throw them away i took them home dyeed them so there looked better and made book totes out of them for my friends that are readers and need something to bring home there books

Re: How to Make Dangly Earrings with Magazine Pages

what a great idea although i will put my own spin on this and let you know what i come up with i already do a reed type thing with the magazine pages i put them on all kinds of things my latest is a circle tray still working out the particulars

Re: "Trashionista" Recycles Plastic Bags into Colorful Jewelry

is there a pattern for this

Re: How to Make Curtains from Recycled Sheets

table cloths that are the same work well for this to i was in a second hand store and there were 7 of them something smelly had gotten spilled on them i took them home washed them and put them up for curtains on a window where c hubby complained of the reflection worked wonders

Re: How to Make a Mantra Mirror

wait im confused in all the feng shui i have studied you should not have a mirror in your bedroom