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Re: Recycled wool sweater and tin can Herb Garden

A lot of felted sweater projects just use the body - this would be great for leftover felted sleeves!

Re: Naturally Beautiful Paper

Actually, paper has been made from rags and cotton fibers for hundreds of years (wood became more common because of ready supply and cheapness) - so "innovatively" might not be the right description. "Cleverly"or "beautifully" would be good substitutes!

Re: How to "Scrapbook" a Box

I love the idea of the transparent photo in the first example - something I wouldn't have thought of which lends itself very well to this kind of "scrapbook".

Re: Airline Travel Info for Knitters

I always try to fly with wooden needles, and I haven't had any trouble so far. A chat in a yarn store a few weeks ago with a random knitter let me know that it doesn't always work, even so - it really is up to the individual agent. She lost her needles flying out of Paris, much to her chagrin. I'll definitely be carrying a self-addressed envelope from now on!

Re: Make Valentine's Day Gift Tags and Treat Bags

I agree - the tags are sweet, but it's those bags I really need to make!

Re: Custom Hand-Painted Wedding Shoes

What a great idea, and beautifully executed.

Re: How to Make a Valentine from an Onion

Absolutely beautiful. So far, the only thing I've used onion skins for is for dying (Easter eggs, mostly), but this is a great idea and the finished project is amazing!

Re: Crafting Memories

I, too, have spent many hours crafting to the delights of P&P. Before I owned the DVDs, I had a videotaped-from-tv version.

And I definitely have found that knitting is a great aid through stressful times - when my family went through some land-use drama recently, knitting was the only thing that kept me collected during endless city council meetings. My bed is covered with a blanket I refer to as "Penelope", which I knitted after a painful breakup - I promised myself I didn't even have to THINK about dating again until it was finished. And now, it is much more likely to remind me of Lord of the Rings - which I watched several times during its creation - than of my lost love.