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The Amazing Journey to Quilt Market Concludes

With all the excitement about the journey across the country, it was easy to forget that the main event, Quilt Market was yet to come!

Journey to Quilt Market 2013: Portland, at Last!

With lots of challenges still ahead, our destination is finally at hand. So much to see and do in this great city.

Progress Toward Portland Continues Over the Weekend

With our destination nearing, Portland is only a mountain range or two away.

Variety is the Name of the Game for Day Four

Our fourth day on the road brought Carol and me to a new state filled with varied scenery and experiences.

Day Three of the "Portland Express"

A day for 2's. Two big states and two more quilt shop visits.

On the Road to Quilt Market: Day Two

Another shop stop and some barn quilts on the second travel day to Quilt Market.

The Journey to Quilt Market Begins

Joan Ford, the author of ScrapTherapy: Scraps Plus One, heads on a cross-country road trip to Portland, Oregon for Spring Quilt Market. Follow along as she shares her quilting adventures, images, and stories from her journey.