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Re: Project Runway: What's Mine is Yours

I wonder how long its been since Michael Kors spent any time at a real resort with "non-celebrities" because I have and these clothes are nowhere NEAR what resort wear is for us non-celebrity types. Gretchen and Ivy missed the mark with their style and colors. Casanova's outfit looked like something I really DID see someone wearing for lunch in Maui. And I'd wear it. Andy's outfit was spot on, and he should have won. April's? Eh...sorry but no one was wearing baby doll pajamas at the resort where I was...maybe somewhere else in the world, that would be normal. I agree with whoever said the judges can't make up their mind what they're judging. First, it is construction, then it isn't. If a designer doesn't understand how clothing is constructed, I can only imagine the mess they'll create. Oh and Michael Kors? You need to stay in the studio with its flattering lighting..that orange complexion on the boat was shocking.

Re: Book Giveaway: Craft Hope: Handmade Crafts for a Cure

Like everyone else, this book looks fabulous and I would LOVE to have a copy! Please sign me up!

Re: Project Runway: There IS an "I" in Team

Tim was SO right in his comments. There wasn't one member of Team Luxe who had the nerve to stand up to Gretchen and tell her that she had some REALLY lousy ideas...ideas that eventually put them in the loser's seat. THEN, not only does she try throwing Michael under a bus, she switches her "story" and decides that it was a terrible collection. At that point, I thought Michael Kors would throw a hissy himself. I don't mind Gretchen's designs, but they are, in my opinion, far too simplistic for someone on that show. Hopefully, after being chewed out quite openly by Tim, she'll realize that what she *thinks* isn't helping anyone, including herself.

Re: How to Make a Reusable Sandwich Wrap

diaperstash just made an extremely good point. Just how safe is Polyurethane for food contact? I've handled it also, and had what the docs called Contact Dermatitis after handling multiple yards of it. Polyurethane is not the same as the plastic in sandwich bags, so I'll ask again...how safe is this for good contact? I'd say its not something I'd wrap anyone's food in.

Re: Project Runway - And Sew it Begins

I don't often comment but I just have to. Given five hours, I could have done better than over half of these designers. Casanova's "creation" was just pretty horrible. But his wasn't the only one that was just not wearable. I agree, too, about the length of the show...every other scene was a commercial and I doubt that the show is any longer than last season. Very disappointed in Heidi. First, she's gotten nastier as each season rolls by and I believe its about time that each of the designer's is judged on their "designing", which obviously wasn't the case last night.