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I love that feeling...that process that takes you from idea to Joanns to seam ripper to finished project. Im a busy gal, but recently I realized I needed to take action and not just leave crafting to when I have free time.

I have a little blog to document inspirations and experimental crafting adventures. Stop by anytime - zested.blogspot.com. Serving up handmade and makeable inspirations, crafting ideas and tutorials. Get Zested and add a little DIY twist to everyday life!

So...whats the twist? Well the twist is that little extra zest of individual that gets sprinkled onto any project made by hand. We all have some. Id like to share some of mine and inspire you to share yours. Hope you enjoy!

craft interests: crochet, embroidery, fashion, gifts, home decorating, jewelry making, paper crafts, quilting, sewing

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Button Advent Calendar...in progress

This fabulous idea can be found here on CraftStylish. I still need to find just the right topper and I'll be sure to share how it looks on Christmas with all the buttons on it. I used a little fake...

Quickie Quick Squares Baby Quilt

Recently the stars aligned: my friends had a litle baby girl and I've become obsessed with quilting. I'm not a great quilter (yet), but practice makes perfect right? I tried using Minky, and it works...


The Ultimate Sewing Room contest entry

Patchwork purse

To make this purse I cut out some fabric that I really liked and thought kinda-sorta went to together and formed a purse-ish shape. I hate zippers so I thought the openning would be fine with just a...

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Re: How to "Doilify" Your Hoodie for $5 or Less

I just have to say your doily hoodie rocks!

Re: How to Make a Button Advent Calendar

I am soooo doing this!

Re: Two Hour Tote

Great dot fabric.

Re: Beaded Flowers

I love all the different sizes and styles of flowers.

Re: Patchwork purse

Thanks Michaela!

I am working on something very special for the challenge, but if it doesn't turn out, I will totally add this one!


Re: All Crafters Need Inspiration!

Are you reading my mind? I've been playing on Stylehive a lot lately. I wasn't sure if I should make the leap and join, but you just convinced me!

Re: Show Me Your Workspace

I just got my very small amount of crafting supplies and fabric leftovers organized too! I also have each of my projects in it's own tub so I can take it out, work on it, wrap it up and put it back - it's really help me get what I want done. Here's a pic and some background: