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Re: Project Runway 9: "Off the Track"

I'm kind of tired of PR. Getting to be less about clothes and more about Romper Room theatricals. The challenges are no longer about good design but rather about idiotic strategems. This year's contestants are slightly better than last year's, or maybe a better job of film editing. Dog leashes, stilts, and a foot race. Oh yes, that's a lot to do with fashion.

Re: Giveaway: Teach Yourself to Sew magazine and DVD

I am a fairly experienced sewer, but always love going over the basics to hone my skills. Plus I am a huge fan of the beautiful Judi Neukam and watch anything she has out there. I watched every one of these episodes, and they were great. Thanks for making them available. Kay

Re: How to Make a (Very) Quick Table Runner for the Holidays

What a great, quick project. I too had a difficult time visualizing how sewing across the short end was going to create the point, so I folded some paper. Works like a charm. 1) Hem the long edges. 2) Fold lengthwise. 3) Seam across the short end. 4) Open and push the point out. For those who don't want to sew the short seam, you could actually just fold the triangle at each end, and hand tack where the two edges meet. I think the directions on this page are faster, though, as I would always prefer machine sewing over hand sewing.

Thanks for the idea, and like the others, I'm going to raid my stash. I'm making gifts for Christmas (to open early when it's actually Christmas fabric so they can use it on Christmas day) and I think I'll do one of these in Christmas fabric for a friend. Thanks again. Kay