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Re: Make a Modern yet Rustic Fall Centerpiece

It was many, many years ago (when the internet started) an accepted fact that if one typed in caps it was equivalent to yelling. That's just the way it is. If you can't type, learn. If you can't read it, then why don't you change the size of your font on your monitor so you can see it better? If you don't know how, then ask someone (nicely) who is knowledgeable enough on computers to help you with it. I find it quite a bit harder to read all caps, myself. It slows me down considerably, as does those who can't spell or write proper English grammar, but I didn't desire to use this place as a grill to roast every undesirable thing I could think of, including the author of the craft.

I didn't particularly like this twig arrangement, but I just passed it on by without comment, which is what I suggest you do from now on. If you like it, then make it. If you don't, then keep your comments to yourself. It's a crafting place, not a grill!

BTW, I'm probably near your age, but I never heard of the emperor/clothes remark.