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Re: Book Giveaway: Woodland Knits


Re: How to Knit Everlasting Autumn Leaves: No Raking Required

Great use of colour!

Re: 2013 Halloween Book Giveaway Winners

OMG want to upscale the yoda hat so bad!

Re: How to Knit a Buttony Chevron Cuff

Great colours on here. The chevrons make it really stand out. good work!

Re: How to Knit a Circle Lace Cuff

Very stylish. love the button detail.

Re: Book Excerpt: How to Knit a Witch's Hat

Just saw the pumpkin hat on here and this makes a great version for girls (i suppose with a colour change it could be a warlocks hat) lol.

Re: How to Knit an Easy Holiday Ornament Adornment

Now that is one swanky ornament. Throw in a fluorescent or metallic yarn and it would twinkle!

Re: Free Knitting Pattern: How to Knit and Full a Short-row Textured Purse

Great ripple texture.

Re: How to Crochet a Flower, Part 1

Great braid work around the edge. I love how the texture changes. good effect!

Re: How to Crochet Autumn Leaves to Decorate Your Table

I love these. Might revisit this next autumn for some halloween knits.

Re: How to Make Finger-Wrapped Yarn Pom Poms

The trick is having enough strands and getting the central knot really tight.

Re: How to Make a Granny Square

Great tutorial. Love how simple it is and great photography!

Re: Wedding Invitations

i made mine in black and white on fancy paper they looked great. i'll dig out the artwork and post it at some point lol.

Re: New projects

Great idea - soft wool i guess to avoid neck rash?

Re: Steampunk Handbag

How did you age the leather?

Re: Crochet Applique

the big tiered one in the centre is great!

Re: Bowl Bonnets

love it. are they shiny plastic? how does that work with heat?

Re: New Website!

simple but effective... have you tried wearing more than one at a time i bet that looks great.

Re: Pillow Projects

thats cool... how did you get the graphic transferred? was it a printed thing or something more elabourate?

Re: Fiberfads!

Love the contrasting button!

Re: Crochet

KAWAII!!! so cute!

Re: Ringas

Impressive... getting the finish on the wood is well difficult. I tried something similar back at uni using perspex and even that was a pain. well done you!

Re: Holiday

Wow thats cool. very post modern like something you'd see in emigre magazine!

Re: Fiberfads!

Wouldn't this make the banana ripen quickly? They don't like to be too warm or cold (just an observation nothing else)


Do you think all of the socks that have gone missing end up like this lol.


The reverse stencil idea on the main image is a great one! i wouldn't have thought of that but i love it!

Re: Pettiskirt

lol... just lol.

Re: Wristlets

Love the split design of the bottom one. Really great!

Re: Accessories

Such a simple idea... I love it!