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Re: Book Giveaway: Twinkle Sews by Wenlan Chia

Winter is on the way in Northern Michigan and I can't think of a better way to spend it than learning to sew from one of the modern masters. I am a huge fan of Ms. Chia. Thank you!

Re: How to Make a (Very) Quick Table Runner for the Holidays

Thank you for the idea, I'm having my first Thanks Giving this year at my house and I think the beautiful table runner you helped me make will take the pressure of the turkey if it goes to Heck! I't s really pretty I used an old curtain of bark cloth and put a tassle on each end. Beautiful! Thank's again.

Re: A Taste of "My Fair Lady"

Good for you! I'ts a great feeling to have one of your designs get exposure. Have you had anyone get in touch with you as a result of the dress? This summer one of my badpony hand bags walkied down the red carpet for the opening of Sex and the City. I almost wet my pants. She carried it all night with the label facing out (good girl) I have had several call and it did generate nre clients.
The dress is out of control cool!!!! I love the top that had to take a million years to complete!
Best KBL

Re: Crafting in the Current Economy

Your post made me realize how lucky we are to have skills that most of the woman in this day and age do not have. My Nana also tought me to sew and knit. I still have the blanket we made together when I was in grade school. I find sewing very soothing as well. Things for my business start to slow down this time of the year and I do not have a lot of traffic in my store. Fortunatly I have a Juki machine that will sew anything when things get slow at work I work for a local cottage buxiness called baabaazoozoo and sew wool mittens and scarfs. I also run add's for fixing horse blankets and Carharts for the construction guys in the area. I make it through the winter and pay the bills. I own six different machines and can fix anything. As much as I would like spending the Long Nothern Michigan winter designing my spring line of accessories I take on piece work to make ends meet. Many woman do not know how or want to fix their stuff and I am close and my turnover is fast.
You can really make great cash repairing horse blankets if your machine is up to it. I make about $30 an hour, for a collage drop out thats not bad.
Thank you for the post. I feel better knowing I'm not the only one scared about this winter and the economy.

Re: How to Compose a Beautiful Scarf from Scraps

Mary! Ihave been looking through my stash for just the right mix of fabric. What do you think about not pinking the edges and having some fray to add to the demention. I think I will try it. I will send photo if it works. Thank you for the great X-Mas Idea! KBL

Re: How to Use Piping (Part 2)

Thank you for posting this one. Piping scares me, but you meade it look great and easy. Keep it up. Kathy