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Re: Official Rules - Knit Ski Mask Caption Contest

Don't you think that to be chosen for the catagory"What were we thinking when we published this article?" is rather offending to the author of the article? Did you get their OK, or let them know you were doing this? Are they dead and so it doesn't matter? Or don't you care how they will feel?
I would think that many people would feel insulted, even if their project was a bit odd. Better to just let sleeping dogs lie undisturbed, and not offend contributors, even past ones, who most likely have subscriptions to Threads.

I'd re-think this if I were Threads.

Re: The CraftStylish Caption Contest: Knitwear Comes Back to Haunt Us

Everyone is being wickedly funny - but, did anyone ever think if the original author of the article (and yes, I remember it too, have it in my stash of mags,) saw that she was being made fun of? That Threads picked her article out as a "What were we thinking of when we printed this article?" Would she take it in fun, or cancel her subscription? Would she feel insulted?

Yes, when I first saw this years ago, I too thought it was odd, and maybe she has realized that herself, in hindsight. But, I think, this whole idea of Threads choosing "What were we thinking?" articles is a rather risky endeavor that is sure to offend several of their contributors.

Sorry to spoil anyone's fun, but I think they should rethink what they are doing.

Re: Make It: Quilted Flowers

These are really nice, and a great way to use up small pieces of special fabric, making something unique in design with many possible applications. I will try some of these for a new project - maybe on a 3 d wall hanging, or to decorate a jacket or purse.