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Re: Make a One-Hour Dress

Yes, all of those things, but you have re-enforced my point that it is no longer a one hour dress; if you look closely at the photo, the shoulder pleats look bulky- your improvements would change that.

There is no substitute in sewing for knowing and practicing, all the classic techniques. Your analysis of my rather hasty reaction were thoughtful, but I am so sick of what passes as sewing these days, because no one was taught while they were young.

Re: Make a One-Hour Dress

My experience as a sewer: nothing that claims to take an hour actually ever does, and it always looks like it took an hour, and it shall be worn for exactly an hour.

Re: Make a Family Cookbook for Mother's Day or a Wedding Shower

Here is what I love about this idea: handwritten recipes and notes on he edges.
I made a book like this for my sister,(years ago) and when she died I took it back- she had continued writing recipes in it, and adding some cut out ones from magazines.
It is her handwriting that jumps at me from the page, and ten years later I still feel her presence when I read the recipes written in her hand.

Re: Zipper Tape Necklace

I think it is pretty hideous: kind of reptilian around the neck! A justification for its' "beauty" is that it is trendy, and that celebs are wearing them, and that they gave appeared in fashion magazines! Displays in galleries are not always pretty either- but hen I am a classic kind of gal.