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Re: How to Make an Artful Scarf from Scraps

This is so gorgeous. What a brilliant way to use up scraps that would otherwise be unusable. Great post.

Re: What's your favorite fabric to sew?

Cotton mostly because that is what I have the most experience with, is what I have a lot of on hand, and I recently made a skirt from some heavenly cotton sateen that was a dream to work with.

Yes, I mostly stick to the naturals, primarily cotton and linen.

But I also have finally got the hang of silky rayon. On the topic of synthetics/man made: I have some RTW skirts and pants made from polyester/rayon blends that imitate wool gabardine perfectly. But they are completely washable and don't look beat up (minimal to no pills, frays, fading) after years of washing them. I would LOVE to get my hands on fabrics like this but have yet to find anything that doesn't look like low-class, clingy polyester.

Alas, it is freaking cold now so I am going to learn to love working with the wools that I have on hand. :-)

Re: How to Make Cold Porcelain

Boy got all excited and should have said, going to try molding like this. I already have a mold and make jewelry so I will make eye pins in gold and silver cos you never know which mood will hit :-)

Re: How to Make Cold Porcelain

I was in Joann with my 40% off coupon and I picked up some craft porcelain today. I am so going to try this. Your tutorial rulez.

Re: How to Make Singleton Buttons

BRAVO! Your buttons looks awesome and your instructions are totally clear. I think I can do this. Thanks for taking the time to do this!

Re: Crochet Flowers with Embellishments

These would also make awesome brooches.

Re: Make a Covered-Button Bracelet and Ring Set

Love this. I have many, many 30's reproduction quilting cotton scraps just waiting for a project like this.

oh - another source for the bracelet backs is Fire Mountain Gems: http://www.firemountaingems.com/search.asp?SKW=bracelet&Constraint=34

I had seen them there but never thought to do something like this with them. Thanks for the awesome inspiration! Once I can get one made, I will post it in the gallery.

Re: How to Embroider Your Own Buttons

Yep, agree with everyone else, this is just awesome and brilliant. I am also going to have to try this with my button maker thingy. And to snazzy up otherwise plain jane shirts and what not!

Oh Sister Diane: glue stick. I have been using just a little bit to hold the fabric just where I want it on the button form.