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Re: How do you use recycling in your sewing?

I have the pleasure of working for a textile mill that makes alot of packcloth and jacket fabrics. Alot of these mill ends and samples are thrown into the dumpster. I met two nice ladies that belong to a charitable sewing group that makes all kinds of clothing, string bags, etc for people and kids in need in our area and I'm happy to donate the fabric that normally would go to the landfill. My stash already has way more than I could ever use.

Re: How to Make an Eco-Friendly Snack Bag

I'm a textile chemist and there's no way I would use ANY water resistant nylon that would contact food. Tetra flourocarbons(yes TEFLON!) and/or silicones are what give the fabric it's water resistance. These will get into your food and there's no way to be absolutely certain what chemicals were used in manufacturing if made overseas and there's a 90% chance of that. I think your best bet would be to use heavy food grade plastic from a freezer bag. These are heavily regulated by our good old FDA and these can even be washed and reused.