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I haven't knit for many years but want to get back into it, especially since scarfs have become the "in" thing.

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Re: How to Make a Cable-Knit Scarf in a Weekend

Thanks SarahSaturday for the clarification. Also, what was the thickness of the yarn you used. I tried a Fisherman yarn (Lions Brand) and it was too thick. I'll have to order online since our yarn store has cut way back on its inventory. Thanks; you're an inspiration to us all. :)

Re: How to Make a Cable-Knit Scarf in a Weekend

Absolutely gorgeous scarf; love the color and beautiful work. When you made the scarf with the single cable, did you do the cable every tenth row? Is that how it became so elongated? I like it like that. Row 5 is a knit row and so is row 1, so it throws the pattern off for me. What am I missing? Thanks for the pattern and for the help.