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Re: How To: English Paper Piecing Project

I made this years ago, using scraps from dresses I had made in high school and college, so it's a real 'memory' quilt!

Thoughts on finishing edges:
1) cut hexagons in half (point to point), finish the short edges like the whole hexagons, and sew into the gaps to make a straight edge, then bind with long strips (I used green like the 'paths' between my flowers).
2) cut long strips with the same 'saw tooth' pattern as the edge of the quilt, put the strip right side down on top of the quilt, and sew like the facing of a blouse by following along the edges, and turning carefully in each corner. Turning the corners will be tricky -- might want to add interfacing to make the points a little stiffer. Be sure to trim across the corners and clip the inside 'V's, as you would a shirt collar. You'll want to top stitch/quilt close to the edge to keep everything in place.