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Re: Book Giveaway: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Selling Your Crafts

That sounds amazing! I have read many "Idiot's Guide" and they are generally good quality books. I would buy this one because I have been making many different crafts and I paint and draw as well but being a shy person, I never really knew how to approach people to sell them my work. Right now I feel like I would welcome such knowledge since I have left my husband of 6 years for all types of abuse. This whole time I had to quit making jewelry and polymer clay figurines, paintings and drawings because he thought I was wasting time on something futile and which didn't bring money home. What he did not understand is that arts helps us stay in touch with ourselves. Creativity is crucial to our well-being since it helps us so much by being a vehicle for our many different emotions that need to get out. When I look at my work, I feel like I am looking at parts of myself because I have put so much in those pieces. Especially paintings and clay figurines. My ex husband did not understand that this was a part of me, an important part of my life. I now live alone with my 18 months old baby, trying to start a new life and I am beginning to breathe fresh air again and getting back into arts and crafts, for my own pleasure and well-being. It would help me greatly if I could learn how to sell my creations since I could have a little extra money to make my treasured daughter happy. I also want to teach her and encourage her to be creative and learn to appreciate her emotions and use them to create things. I believe it is very important for all of us!