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Re: Crochet Artist Makes a Statement by Covering Gas Station

I agree that this totally says look at me. What better way to draw attention to the effect higher gas prices are having on our economy. 5 restaurants have gone out of business in our town. Two gasoline stations have gone out of business along my commuting route. Why? Because while the restaurants are on a popular route for commuters, people simply cannot afford to go out to eat when they are paying so much more per month in commuting costs than they did 4 months ago. The gasoline stations have gone out of business because they just cannot stay in business when the gasoline prices are so high. Folks here just won't go to a station that is charging 10 cents more than their competition. I track my gasoline expenses closely because I work 1.5 hrs away from where I live. (It's the only job I've been able to find that matches my skill set and I have been actively looking.) I cannot afford to move because I cannot sell my house. I am paying just over $80.00 per month more in gasoline expenses than I did 4 months ago. We don't go out to eat any more. My budget for back to school clothes is non-existent. I usually spend $200 on 3 or 4 new wool sweaters and a new winter coat for my daughter in the fall. That isn't going to happen this year because the budget has gone to gas. I am inspired by this artistic display and think it points out the real problem which is the our economy is suffering because the oil companies don't care about the US any more.