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Re: How to Make Cold Porcelain

The recipe should not have WATER - That's causing the cracks!
I usea different recipe, and so far no crack. This is the recipe I go off of, but I scale the measurement down to 1/6 of this and end up with a grapefruit or orange size ball:
3cups Cornstarch - my scale: (1/2cup)
3cups White glue (1/2cup)
1tblsp White Vinegar (1/6)
1tblsp Glycerin (1/6)
2tblsp Canola Oil (1/3)

I cook on stovetop, low heat, 15mins. Looks the same as this recipe, same description, heat until it clumps like ricotta and pulls off the sides. Cover your surface area with cold cream, although I just used regualr Generic Oil of Olay. NO WET CLOTH - NO WATER - just tough it out, it's not that hot, and I bounce it back and forth from hand to hand until it cools, but firmly, like you would ball clay to soften it. Then knead, but like she said, like chewing with fingers. REally get in there. Once it's a nice smooth soft ball, ****STORE IN AIR TIGHT CONTAINER FOR 24HRS!!!!**** Another important factor and reason why your porcelain may be cracking.
The next day, when you take it out... it's just beautiful. I also work with the lotion on my hand and use it alot when smoothing surfaces. I'll post the picture of my pendants and beads soon :) Hope this works! Patience is key to beautiful, flawless products :)