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Re: Project Runway - A Little Bit of Fashion

There was a lot of confusion for some of the designers. Overall, the challenge was fun to watch. I especially enjoyed Anthony's comments. He's me. He lightens up the workroom.
I actually liked Amy's colors & design, but I've always gone for ....different. :)

Re: Handmade cloth Tiger Shoes

I love them, you're very talented

Re: Project Runway Season 7 Premiere

They're ba-a-a-ack! I think that this first show beat the whole last season, in interest & creativity. I hope the rest are as good, I think they won't disappoint.
The designers are interesting, and the designs are too.
I loved the Emilo Sosa outfit, ....glad that one won. The outfit by Seth was a good one too. There were others that were appealing, but just needed some tweaking,in my opinion.

Re: What are your sewing resolutions?

I....AM...going to make myself a wardrobe from my stash! I...AM...going to make myself a wardrobe from my stash! I..AM..going to make myself a wardrobe from my stash! I..MUST..make myself a wardrobe from my stash! I have stacks of beautiful fabrics and towers of patterns.!!!!
I've learned over & over that, "procrastination IS the thief of time".

Re: What was your very first sewing project?

My first "real" project was the obligitory, apron in Home Ec. class. It really was ugly. I picked out some pink cotton fabric(1st mistake), and red rickrack.(we had to use it for a decorative element.) I got a "C" on it, because I didn't baste first(someone else mentioned the basting). To this day, I hate to baste first...I usually, try ironing the "dickens" out of the fabric, if possible. Machine basting was one of the first stitches that I utilized, when I got an up to date machine. Before that disasterous project, I used to hand sew clothes for my dollhouse dolls. ;)

Re: Project Runway Finale: Part 1

I think that this season's PR is Blah. Will there be a "next" season? I'm just really disappointed with one of my favorite shows. This season has shown styles that have already been done. There were a few diversions, but overall...BORING. I keep hoping the next episode will be better and No-o-o, the same old bickering and drama. No fab. designing. Again, I think Gordana would have designed the best collection, followed by Carol.
I wonder if Micheal Kors, feels the show has not lived up to past seasons. He's been absent a lot this season.

Re: Project Runway Finale: Part 1

I was thinking that Carol Hannah was having anxiety attacks. That's what I do (pray to the porcelain throne) when I get them. Anyway, I hope her collection shows as well as what she showed during her visit with Tim. I liked how hers was going the best.

Re: Last Chance to Choose the Winner

Anglo-mania, by Very Prarie, was my choice. They were all good, but that one struck me the most

Re: Book Giveaway: Design-It-Yourself Clothes

Looks, like a great book and I need all of the help that I can get, since, I'm one of those "self taught" seamstresses.:)

Re: Project Runway Episode 6 Recap

I agree with all of the comments, so far. I'm finding the whole show lacking in enthusiasm. None of the contestants seem to really, really want to win...they're all so low key. Even the judges seem like they're just there....bored with the whole thing.
Irina's dress reminded me of a nightgown that I saw in a "Fredricks of Hollywood" catalog, back in the day. Gordana & Louise....????what were they thinking? Surely not, Hollywood, movies, action!
This show seems to have been affected by the move to Cali'. Tim seems worried about the lack of talent or enthusiasm, too.
I hope Micheal Kors return will add some spark & light a fire under everyone. I figured that he must've been at fashion week.
Here's hoping!

Re: Crochet Hexagon Pin Cushion

I love it too. I hope that you'll post instructions, I'd love to make it for Christmas for my needlearts guild at church.

Re: My Briar Patch

A "Briar Patch" is a special, tranquil space for someone & a place to avoid, for those that didn't know what a special place it was. It was a place that "Brer Rabbit" went to escape, in a very old book, titled "Tales of Uncle Remus".