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Power to the Flower!

I’m tired of always needing to cushion my pins and being far away from my pin cushion.  So I made this little bloom to hang with me and keep me happy.  My little flower isnrsquot...

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Re: We're a Webby Award Honoree

Congratulations CraftStylish Crafty Wonders - very well deserved! No other site has as much new content that fills my little crafting heart with joy every week!

Re: How to Make an Out-of-the-Ordinary T-Shirt Quilt: Part One

You're awesome - now just picture that quilt with all of Joe's old gamer T-Shirts and you know what mine will look like (oh and throw in a Mr. Bubble shirt for fun).

Re: How to Make a Reusable Sandwich Wrap

Lovely tutorial and great comments too! I want to try the wax coating and was also wondering how long it keeps the sandwich fresh? Looking forward to more from your new book!

Re: Book Giveaway: Betz White's "Sewing Green: 25 Projects Made with Repurposed & Organic Materials"

I love this book and would love to own a copy! Green is my color this season.

Re: Book Giveaway: Jenny Ryan's Sew Darn Cute!

*** Oh, fingers crossed ***

Re: How to Embroider Your Own Buttons

You are insane - again! How tiny you can embroider amazes me! I'm going to need bifocals before trying this project. Of course I think I'm going to put together your idea with Kayte's - two great ideas that will go great together!!! Now if only I had a thrift store shopping buddy...

Re: How to Embellish a Cardigan with Fabric-covered Buttons

Love it! I am a cardigan nut- so of course I must make one!!! Thanks for the post. The ribbon really adds a nice touch to the covered buttons.

Re: How to Make a Beautiful Button Pillow

Really beautiful you crazy lady you! I love the white on white buttons with red thread. I'll be interested to see how different it looks with colored buttons. I can see the same theme though - a contrasting thread regardless of the button color choices. LOVE IT! And my thumb hurts for you. (I know you have no feeling left in your fingertips.)

Re: Flower Power Necktie Bag

Love the colors and the style. Neckties are such great resources for new creations. Thanks for sharing.

Re: How to Make a Stuffed Buche de Noel (Part 1)

I love the swirly ends and the layered wood grain gives a lovely depth. I can't wait to see the mushrooms. Hooray for Buche de Noel! I have to go buy some felt now; thanks Erika. :)

Re: "Grow"-cery Cowboy Shirt Bag

Great idea, I like mixing the accents with the fold over napsack. Thanks for sharing! Looks exactly like something I'd use all the time.

Re: Water Lilly Flower Power

Love it, want it! It would make a great hair piece for a wedding or formal occassion as well. I can totally picture it in a 30's inspired hairdo woven between buns.

Re: Zippers (Part 1)

I hate zippers! Thanks for starting this series to simplify the zipper world. I'll have to try sewing both sides in the same direction on my next go.

Re: Flower Power Aster Ring Set

Thanks for sharing. About the beads you used, did you make them yourself or purchase them? I love the colors you chose...Cheers!