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Emery Grain - Helping you to make the perfect pincushion

    Have you heard of the mineral emery before ? Ever seen those tomato pincushions which come with a cute little strawberry? This strawberry is not part of the decoration. It has emery...

These gorgeous ponytail holder keep hairs neat and from your face. It's perfect with your girls with all clothes.♥Yoyo's size is 2 1/4 inches♥All Handmade by me♥I use brand new...

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Re: How to Make Pretty Pincushions

This pincushion is very beautiful. You can use emery grain to fill it.

Every time you stick your needle or pin into an emery pincushion, it cleans it of the natural oils in your fingers and any impurities in your cloth. It also sharpens the very tip of your needle, making your work quicker and easier on your hands.

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Re: Yo-Yos and Couching: Two Easy-to-Do Embellishment Techniques

Yoyo’s are great for Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations, or for dressing up your home for any occasion. You can use them to embellish napkin holders, frame decoration, ornaments, gift packages, pillow covers etc.

If you don't have time to make yoyo's for yourself, you can purchase finished yoyo's from my store.

I welcome custom, wholesale and personalized orders!