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Downton Abbey Lady Mary Jacket

TODAY (3/22) IS THE LAST DAY TO VOTE FOR MY JACKET!   The Downton Abbey inspired "Stop the Presses" jacket is my entry in a vintage inspired sewing contest on the BurdaStyle website. Over 120 ...

Hobo handbag

I worked for three weeks on the pattern for this hobo handbag. It's based on a high end designer bag I saw on a specialty store website. The bag is made of Ultraleather and is fully lined. I ordered...

Denim Motorcycle Jacket

This past spring I became obsessed with a gray silk motorcycle jacket from Akris, a top European fashion house (see bottom photo). Even though the $3,500 price tag was lightyears beyond my budget, I...

"Fur" Trimmed, Prequilted, Apres Ski Jacket

I've never set foot on a ski slope, but after reading the current issue of Sew Stylish,  I thought it would be fun to sew a faux fur trimmed, apres ski jacket especially for...

Zipper Snap Tote

If you look at the photo carefully, you'll see the eye catching metal accents on this totebag are ordinary sewing notions -- giant silver snaps and a metal jacket zipper from the local fabric...

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Re: Downton Abbey Lady Mary Jacket

Thank you for your votes!

Re: "Fur" Trimmed, Prequilted, Apres Ski Jacket

Thank you for your kind comments. By the way, if you'd like to learn more about this project and see additional photos, please follow this link:

Re: Brown Chenile Jacket

What rich looking details.

Re: Debys Fleece Jacket Challenge Entry

Very resourceful changes.

Re: "Autumn Military Plaid Jacket " for Fall 2010 Jacket challenge

So creative!

Re: Upcycled Jacket for Kids


Re: 1939 Vintage Reproduction Rayon Coat

Very elegant.

Re: Circle Skirt and single shoulder top

Lovely skirt. The fabric drapes so gracefully.

Re: Cherry Hill Tartan Capelet for Jacket Challenge

What a fun look with many surprising details.

Re: Recrafted Sweatshirt Jacket for Contest

Very cute, especially with the details you added.

Re: Embroidered Linen Jacket for Challenge

Another great look for you.

Re: Houndstooth Trench Coat for Challenge

Very flattering style.

Re: Jacket Challenge

The jacket fits perfectly, and the pinweaving is lovely.

Re: [Jacket Challenge] Ombre Dyed White Trench Coat

The pink hem is a very nice surprise.

Re: Denim Military Jacket for Fall Jacket Contest

Great jacket, very stylish.

Re: "Can I wear post-punk to work?" Jacket for Jacket Challenge

Very clever design and use of recycled wool.

Re: Larissa Earhart jacket for Jacket Challenge

The cuffs and exposed seams are a great addition to your jacket.

Re: Reversible DeepGreen Corduroy-Fur Jacket

Very ingenious.

Re: houndstooth fall jacket for jacket challenge

The jacket turned out beautifully.

Re: Multi-zipper Jacket for Jacket Challenge

Love the zippers!

Re: blue canvas motorcycle jacket for jacket challenge

Great looking jacket.

Re: Last Chance to Enter the SewStylish Jacket Challenge!

Loyl, when I entered the contest a few days ago I simply clicked on the "ENTER NOW!" link above. Unfortunately, I just tested it, and this time I was surprised to see that nothing happened.

Entries were supposed to be allowed "before October 18th," which I assumes means up through the 17th. You might want to call the SewStylish office first thing Monday morning to see if they can help you. Here's the toll free number: 800-309-9262.

In the mean time, I recommend you enter your jackets in the regular gallery with a statement that you intended for these items to be included in the contest. Good luck.

Re: "Fur" Trimmed, Prequilted, Apres Ski Jacket

Thank you, Cacmo. A chest shield (the actual term is a chest piece) fills in the hollow in the upper chest and gives a smooth line to this part of the jacket. You can simply add a layer of fleece to the front edge of the shoulder pad as shown on page 90 of Jackets for Real People by Palmer/Pletsch. Page 35 of Podolak's Easy Guide to Sewing Jackets also shows a pattern piece for a chest piece, and can be seen at this link

Re: Deep Orange Fall Jacket

What a beautifully made coat!

Re: Bubble Coat

What a charming little coat!

Re: "Fur" Trimmed, Prequilted, Apres Ski Jacket

Thank you, vblynn, for the lovely compliment. I've been sewing jackets for two years, and my advice is to just jump in and try a fairly simple jacket first. After a few projects, you'll be ready to tackle almost anything you can dream up.

There are three excellent books on tailoring all of which can be found on, and I highly recommend you acquire them in this order: The Easy Guide to Sewing Jackets by Cecelia Podolak, Jackets for Real People by Palmer/Pletsch, and Singer's classic book called Tailoring.

Re: clothes for Yorkie Chardonnay

How cute Chardonnay looks in her new outfits. I have two naughty little yorkies, and my male dog Pookie looks exactly like Chardonnay.

Re: Blue with Black Lycra Spandex Unisex Zentai dress with pant full body spandex suit

This looks like advertising spam to me!

Re: Black Velvet, Formal Highland Apparel

A true classic

Re: White Brocaded Satin

Simply elegant.

Re: Re-use Wool Coat

How creative!

Re: Wool Vest with detachable cape

What a clever design!

Re: Black Silk Jacket with Beaded Lapels and Pockets

So elegant

Re: Blue Plaid Handwoven Jacket

Lovely jacket.

Re: Knit and stretching jean jacket with matching dress

Very cute!

Re: Prickly Heat Won at WOW

Wow is right! Our mutal friend Susan sent me the link, and I was amazed by your witty and beautifully executed design. Congratulations!

Re: Choose the Winner in the Amp Up Your Accessories Contest

I agree with beachart.

Re: Amp Up Your Accessories Official Rules

Where on the website do we go to cast our votes?

Re: Amp Up Your Accessories Official Rules

Many of us would like to know when the 5 finalists will be announced and voting will begin.