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Paw Stockings! ...Pets want to celebrate Christmas too!!!

Does Mimi or Fido get catnip and toy mice for christmas?!  Now they can!  Hang their own personal stocking up on the fireplace for Santa to fill their "PAW" with treats and toys!  Its...

Elegant White Flowers

I fell in love with these as soon as I saw them.  I found Jeff Rudell's paper daisies and made a slight variation to it.  I used white vellum paper with a design pattern on it so that it...

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Re: Collaged Art Pendants

Those are absolutely adorable! What a creative idea.

Re: Buying Fabric on Ebay

Fat quarters are the smaller amounts of fabric. Usually is around 18" by 22" in size. Its smaller "sampler size pieces" of fabric. Its a nice size to do smaller projects or larger quilts with smaller pieces in it.

I too love ebay. I am a huge nautical person and for the life of me I have been unable to find STUNNING nautical fabric. However I found 7 different ones on ebay! IT WAS GREAT!!! I highly recommend. Be careful of 1/2 yard and 1 yard ads. I got ripped on one too once. I thought I was getting a yard. WOW a lot for a 1/2 yard! But I find ebay to be cheaper.

Re: How to Make Perfect Paper Daisies

I love it and its inexpensive too! It can really make a room look great without having to put a great deal of money into. Get a nice vase and add a ribbon around it. Best part --- you don't have to water them and they won't die!! :)

Hey Jeff--

Do you have any sunflower ideas? I love sunflowers but I don't know how I would make them real looking. I'm sure it would come to you quickly!

Re: How to Make Simple White Paper Flowers

Those are so real looking from across the room. I love it. Goes well with my dining decor and the kitties won't eat them. :) Thanks for the idea.