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Dinner Napkins the Mary Ray Way

Love loved the tutorial on linen dinner napkins.  So I finally made some for myself.  Note to others: when purchasing linen, be sure to account for shrinkage!  My eight napkins turned...

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Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: Paper Scissors Glue

My 8 year-old twin daughters are constantly crafting with paper, pipe cleners and anything else at hand. They recently discovered simple origami. I'm excited about finding new projects in this book.

Re: How to Make an Eco-Friendly Snack Bag

I recently bought some handmade reusable snack bags on Etsy that were lined with PUL (polyurethane laminated knit - used commonly in cloth diaper making). I'd like to try to make these. Has anyone tried PUL?

Re: How to Recycle a T-Shirt into a Tote Bag Using Duct Tape

Hey, Jen. What a cool idea! Did you use regular paper staples or something more heavy duty? Thanks for the project.

Re: How to Make Perfect-Fitting Pajama Bottoms

Jennifer, completely cute! I'm going to try these in fleece for my 7-year old twins. Any thoughts/cautions on fleece?

Re: How to Make Cocktail and Dinner Napkins

Mary, these are beautiful! What kind of thread did you use on that blanket stitch -- just an all-purpose thread or something special? I have a regular sewing machine (not an embroidery machine) and want to be able to use the special stitches functions. But regular thread looks too unspectacular. Thanks for a great tutorial.