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Re: How to Make a Floral Fascinator

Love this idea + very nicely detailed tutorial! - With variations, this could be used for all all sorts of occasions, especially as fascinators are in vogue at the moment. (And in stores they are $$$$.)

Re: Sewing Lessons Help Us Preserve the Environment and Get through Hard Times

YOu can also hand darn patches - using fused interfacing or "bondex" patches on the wrong side - and then hand sew around the edge of the bonded patch as otherwise they tend to get loose and ultimately come off. Make sure you used different weights for different fabric weights. I would have hand darned the patch on the jeans - you can also blend in the thread with markers to mask the darn - (good if you have patterned fabric).

Re: "100% Trash, So You Know It's Good!"

How did you SEND this? Seriously - your lucky friends.
My Swedish grandmother and great aunt taught me about recycling gift wrap - Ribbons can be ironed on a LOW setting, you know. I keep scraps throughout the year for last minute gifts....But you know you have a rep for being green when your bows are immediately RETURNED to you!

Re: Big Needles + Big Yarn = Fast Projects

Looking for a good big needle design for mohair yarn to make a shawl - any ideas? pls post at - in comments !