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Flower Power!

I used pastel-colored chenille stems. I twisted two colors together and used them as one stem. I made the center spiral, and then used shorter stems for the petals and tied them together in back. For...

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Re: The Relentless Urge to Create: the Work of Earl Joseph Martell

well, there's much to think about, here, but I love his take on education.
Thanks for sharing his work with us!

Re: How to Recycle Fabric Scraps...into Restyled Shoes!


Next time I go to Hawaii, I'm taking several pair!

Re: How to Make a "Bloomin' Box" for Spring

I don't know how you can keep coming up with all these great ideas, but please DO.

Re: How to Make a Magazine Reed Box

this is beyond cool. I have SO many magazines. And what a great gift!!

Re: Making a Great Blog!

My copy is on the way!


Re: How to Make a Headband from an Old T-Shirt


Re: Book Giveaway - Backcountry Betty: Roughing It in Style

I am SUCH a fan of this woman! Please pick me!!

Re: How to Make an Out-of-the-Ordinary T-Shirt Quilt: Part One

This is a really great idea! How many teeshirts have I hated to thrift because of the memories! And old teeshirts can be so soft! Great for a throw cover.

Re: How to Make a Gridded Button Portrait

I'm doing this! I'm going to also buy stock in buttons. I've got about a dozen projects for them now!

Re: How to Make Dorset Buttons

WOW! These are great! These can be sewn on anything and they are so light. Thanks for the tutorial.

Re: Make Your Own Buttons from Polymer Clay

I have been wanting to do this and all I needed was your great tutorial. Thank you! These look amazing!

Re: Book Giveaway: Jenny Ryan's Sew Darn Cute!

Pick me! I'm learning to sew!

Re: How to Turn Blah Buttons into Bodacious Buttons

This is great stuff. I especially like the use of different paints, and polishes, in case you can't find the right color. And I think of all the plain buttons I've given away because I thought they were blah!

never again!

Re: How to Make Singleton Buttons

This makes me happy. I wonder if it can work as well if I don't use wool felt? I have lots of felt scraps, but I wonder if they are not opaque enough. This is groovy.

Re: How to Make a Pet Food Tray, Embellished with Duct Tape

Oh, Pushkin! I see.

Re: How to Make a Pet Food Tray, Embellished with Duct Tape

Heavens to Betsy! My dog would LOVE this tray! With the cat head on it, even!


what's the 'P' for?

Re: How to Make Dangly Earrings with Magazine Pages

love this!

Re: How to Make a Mantra Mirror

I look forward to doing this. And this mantra you have on here, this is PERFECT!

Re: Reflections on Crafts and Crafters

Oh, this is so cool! I can't wait to get my invitation next year. I will send over my snail mail and that way we can have that out of the way!

It looks like it was lots of fun. Happy Birthday to Craftstylish, and many happy returns of the year!

Re: Yudu Rocks at CHA

are you KIDDING? I had no idea there was anything like this! After hearing IN the gocco class I took that they were not being made any more, I despaired. water based and non-toxic? how cool.

Re: Neawear--Unique Jewelry and Wall Wear

Thanks for this. What a great idea. I don't embroider any more, but there are so many ways to make this work, and it's a gorgeous idea.

Re: Kaleidoscope Kreator: More CHA Innovation

okay, stop it. I can't fit any more sites in my bookmarks!!

Is this not fab? This is an overachiever, for sure. I love the idea of creating a design and putting it on fabric. Count me curious.

Re: Crafting Your Personality

This is a great post. I have always had eclectic tastes and have been a late-bloomer in everything, so I am currently engaged in everything I can get my hands on, with the exception of pottery and sewing, so I guess this makes me a hyper? scattered? curious? enthusiastic? restless? artist/crafter?


This makes me want to start something new...

Re: Molecular Jewelry

oh, come ON! These are kooky!! I love them.

Re: Hambly Screen Prints: Making Buzz at CHA

Wow, this is amazing. I just went over there and it's all eye candy. Have I been completely naive to have never heard of them?

Re: How to Make a Crocheted Ring Bracelet

This is immeasurably cool.

Re: How to Make a Recycled Necktie Scrap Cuff

I must make this! I love the whole wrist cuff idea, and this looks SO soft. Your tutorials are always so thorough and at the same time easy to follow. Wrist cuffs for every season! That's what I say.

Re: How to Make an Impression: Extraordinary Thank-You Notes

This is just absolutely amazing.

Re: The Flower Power Challenge

Can you believe all these awesome flowers?! Really cool stuff, people!

Re: How to Embroider a Greeting Card

I'm working on the design for all my holiday cards as soon as I get home tonight. Fabulous. I'll post photos when I've finished one. Thanks for another cool tutorial. We need a book of your tutorials!

Re: How to Make Cold Porcelain

Are you KIDDING? This is brilliant.

Re: How to Make Scrap-Paper Mosaics

You just keep coming up with cool ideas! I'm really eager to try this. Your mosaics are cool.

Re: Beadalicious Review and Interview

Really interesting. I look forward to this book.

Re: Portrait in Paper: It's Not What You Think!

This is one of the most mind-blowing ideas I've seen in a long time! It seems so simple, given all the stenciling and masking and papercarving that I've tried and that's come to my attention, but this portrait and the tree are just over the top fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

Re: Discover Mail Art: A Global, One-On-One Art Show

Well, as someone who has been blessed with mailart from others in the past two years of my crafting life, I will attest to the power of receiving mailart to lift your spirits and open your mind and imagination! Give someone this gift! It can change things, and I'm not exaggerating!

Re: How to Emboss a Metal Tin

Well, just to follow up on my process, I have to say that the non-adhesive aluminum sheeting I tried on my tin did not work. It adhered to the tin on both sides just fine with the PVA. But it's too thick for the stylus I was using to make much of an impression. And I think the designer paper I was using to trace on was too thick, as well. So I guess I'll go get me some adhesive tape, and use tracing paper! This is too good an idea for the holidays.

Re: How to Emboss a Metal Tin

I'm making this right now, and I'm applying the aluminum to the tin, but it's not the adhesive type, it's two-sided aluminum sheeting and I'm using PVA glue to adhere it. My question is this: when I sand the tin to make it adhere better, is this toxic?

Re: How to Make a Recycled Necktie Scarf

I just got my mom's old sewing machine and I'm dying to give it a run. This looks like the perfect project, and great gifts to send with holiday cards!

Re: Be A Crochet Insider with this great Web Zine

THIS is so cool. I've been wanting to learn more about crochet and I love this eye candy. I'm definitely IN.

Re: How to Crochet a Bead and Wire Bracelet

This is a cool project, and I have three birthday gifts to make in the next week, so it's just perfect for one of them! I'm going to make mine all Goth and spooky. All I need is the crochet hook!
Thanks for this
p.s. I'll post a photo when I'm done.

Re: You're a Fabric Designer!

This is really amazing stuff. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't read it with my own eyes...

Re: How to Weave on a Cardboard Loom

Oh, this is so funny! When I got my email alert and saw the title of this, before clicking on it I thought: I wonder if Diane has seen this?

Great tutorial, as usual! I'm using it.

Re: DIY Paper Projects Perfect for Your Next Party

This is one of the best ideas I've ever seen! And I'm about to have a party, so I'm using it.

Re: How to Reverse Applique a Tote Bag

Finally figured out I have to join in order to comment!
I have never seen the reverse applique process, and this tutorial really makes it seem possible for me to make that really pretty tote bag. I like the reverse applique look! Thanks, Diane.

Re: Myers-Briggs Is to Blame

This is so funny, and it feels so true! My odd habit, or should I say, modus operandi, is, when there are due dates on projects, whether they be swaps or gifts for special dates or whatever, I always seem to wait and then do several of them concurrently. This way, they are all in flux, and I can switch among them until they are all finished.
Good article!