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craft interests: home decorating, jewelry making, knitting, paper crafts

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Birthday: 01/25/2020

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The Name Game

How I finally picked the perfect name for my store.

The Money Man

I never felt as incompetent as I did after meeting with our small business banker. Was I in over my head?

Getting Down to Business

My business partners and I were strong out of the gate but suffered a few setbacks a few weeks later. Could we pull through?

Can Friends Be Business Partners?

When two of my friends showed interest in opening the store with me, was I being naive to think that friends would make good business partners?

Rocktober Sale at Michelle Brusegaard

From now until October 16, save money when you order from Michelle Brusegaard's Etsy shop.

How I Changed My Life by Quitting My Job

Getting married enabled me to quit my job and pursue my dream of opening a stationery store.

Amy Butler Dinnerware

Amy Butler designed Vintage Botanica china pattern for Mikasa.

Wee Girl

How Nicole of Making it Lovely modified a children's craft project into something more sophisticated.

Easy Faux Bois Photo Board Tutorial

Learn how to make a fake wood bulletin board in 30 minutes for just $9.

Getting Creative with Your Mistakes

Repurpose an imperfect print into a beautiful little notebook.

An Easy Decoupage Tutorial

How About Orange decoupaged a clear glass vase using pages from a discarded book and some Mod Podge. Learn how she did it.

Wrapping Paper as Art

Framing a piece of wrapping paper is an easy way to create art.

recent comments

Re: How to Make Sweater Dog Toys

My friend and I attempted to make these bone toys on Sunday. You can check out photos from our crafting session on my blog, Somewhere in Middle America -- http://tinyurl.com/cponxw

Re: How to Make a Pet Collar

Thanks for posting this! I was just thinking about getting my dog a new collar for the Spring. Maybe I'll try making one instead!

Re: So CraftStylish at CHA

Wow! What a wall!

Re: A Crafty Girl's Bachelorette Party

I love the idea of making handmade thank you cards for the bride!

Re: Seattle Hearts Sweet P, Sage and Ghosts in the Garden

I heart Sweet P!

Re: The Money Man

@TheArtfulDogger Thanks for the recommendation! I'll have to check them out next time I'm at the bookstore.

Re: Rocktober Sale at Michelle Brusegaard

@crafty gal -- the link's been added!

Re: How I Changed My Life by Quitting My Job


Thanks for your encouragement! For a long time I was ignoring my instincts -- that corporate America wasn't for me -- and forcing myself to enjoy a career that wasn't fulfilling. Although I am making next to nothing for the moment, I am so much more content with my life. I'm glad that you also found a way to feel appreciated and happier in your career.


Re: How I Changed My Life by Quitting My Job


I'm humbled that my story encouraged you to create an account on CraftStylish. There are so many beautiful and inspiring things to discover here!

Thank you so much for your kind wishes. I actually have many friends, who, after working for "the man" for a number of years, decided to go back to school to become teachers. They are all blissfully happy. I hope that you find what makes you happy.


Re: Amy Butler Dinnerware

Oh, sorry Jennifer! Actually, I was inspired by your latest Amy Butler post to check out what else she had going on -- so I suppose I had you in mind when I was writing mine :)

Re: How to Make a Doily Bowl

I can't wait to try this! Where did you get the doilies?