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Re: Convertible Dresses

I saw this on the wardrobe refashion blog and made one like a month ago. I used a bed sheet for the bottom part, and some fabric from my stash for the top part...and it turned out to be see thru. So I only wore it once...with my bathing suit under it.

I plan to make another out of better fabric so it isn't see thru. This dress fits well on my skinny days AND my fat days!

Re: Impression Prints

OMG!!! I JUST HAVE TO DO THIS!!! This would be perfect for my wedding invitations & thank you cards!!!!!

Re: Tote Challenge - The Capri Bag!

I've been guilty of wearing worse, too. I have a pair of the ugliest capris you've ever seen! I don't care, tho. They are also the most comfortable I've ever worn. (I don't leave the house in them, tho. LOL)

Re: Cheery Mod Tote for the Challenge

LOL I think he ran away. LOL

I give up. Where is it? :)

Re: Cheery Mod Tote for the Challenge

I feel like I am playing where's Waldo looking for that elephant. What color is it?

Re: Glittery Tote Challenge

The straps remind me of scrunchies. LOL That's awesome.

Re: Like Water AND Chocolate Eco Tote

This is so beautiful. I love the fabric combination.

Re: Ransom Letter

That is sooo fantabulous! I love it! (And definitely agree with the message!)

Re: A Pretty Kool bag

I didn't mean to come across like that. I just didn't know if you were aware that alot of people came up with the idea, too. I'm not accusing you of stealing someone else's idea. I'm sure many crafters find out that one or two of their original ideas end up being something someone else thought of, too. (It has happened to me, too.)

The link to the wallet wasn't a rub in. I just really thought you would like it.

I'm sorry! :(

Re: Origami purse

This is sooo cool. Thanx for letting us know how to make our own! :)

Re: A Pretty Kool bag


Check out this wallet.

Re: A Pretty Kool bag

It is cute, but I have seen one before. There is like a million of these all over the internet. (and caprisun, and various candy wrappers/bags) And of course the 3rd party rights stuff.

Love the handles you used for it, tho. :)

Re: Summer Getaway

This looks expensive. Love it! ;)

Re: The Pearl Rucksack

So cool. And a perfect display pic, too. :)

Re: Gold Plaid Mega-tote

I'm such a huge fan of plaid! So pretty.

Re: Eco Rolling Stone Magazine Bag

Heads up on the copyrighted material. I know.....barer of bad news. :(

The gorgeous Vogue bag that dimestoredaze made had to be pulled, too.

Re: Boreal Forest Tote

Gorgeous! I would love to have a bag like yours!

Re: Tote Bag Challenge

I know you'll probably hate me for saying this, but I wanted you to have a heads up before it was too late: Vogue logo and the pictures are copyrighted. :(

Maybe you can contact them and get permission so you aren't in violation for the challenge?

Re: The Tote-ally Crafty Bag Challenge

Am I allowed to post it on my myspace blog, or should I wait until after the contest?

Re: Building a Fabric Stash

I'm gonna steal you away! If you could make sense of my messy studio...you aren't human! LOL

I am sooo extremely forgetful. So in everything that I own, I can either see it, or I don't even know I have it. (I can't even use the bottom drawer in my frige for this reason!) I don't really know my style, so all my fabric is different styles that don't even come close to matching...which makes it impossible to organize.

The crazy part is: I only BUY fabric when I'm working on a specific project. Most of my stash is really clothes that I plan to refashion because I love the fabric but it doesn't currently fit. And I hate clothes shopping. So when I need/want something new, I make it. I just can't seem to sort it into what I would MOST likely use. Because I just don't know.

Re: You're a Fabric Designer!

Thank you for posting this! This removes some of the limits we are bound by from other people's fabric designs instead of our own.

Re: i love manatees!

I LOVE MANATEES, TOO!!! It is so cute! Kudos!

Re: Tote Bag Challenge

LOVE IT!!! What category are you entering it into?

Re: The Tote-ally Crafty Bag Challenge

I found out about this challenge from a link on someone's myspace blog. I registered today, and haven't, yet, figured out the site.

I really want to participate in the tote challenge. Are we allowed to enter more than one tote if they are in different categories?