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Igor Mousenstein

Igor Mousenstein's ancestors were once helpers in the infamous Dr. Quackenburg's laboratory (ah, you thought I was going to say Dr. Frankenstein, didn't you? tsk. tsk. shame on you for making...

Spidey Hat for Blythe Photo Tutorial

With some inexpensive one size fits all gloves and mittens, you can make your favorite Blythe doll this ultra cool hat for Halloween.  It's a beginner's sewing project that takes under an hour...

Half Past Midnight, a Witch's Cat

Meet a magical little kitty named Half Past Midnight. The witch who owns him named him that because he's not exactly black - he's navy blue. The same color blue that the sky turns when it's lit by a...

Monkenottukhamun by q.D.paToOtieS

Meet King Monkenottukhamun, pronounced monkey-not-too-common, (meaning you don't see mummified monkey pharaohs rising from the dead to carry out a curse for disturbing his tomb). This little guy is...

Rosefrom Dagrave, an Easy Crochet Zombie

I just finished crocheting this little zombie a little while ago. The super easy free pattern is now on my q.D.paToOtieS Blog just in time to make a few up before Halloween.

Wimbley, A Miniature Felt Bear for Blythe

Well loved.  Yup.  Popular.  You Betcha.  Cute?  Well, maybe we're pushing it a bit.  But he's cute enough to enjoy a free pattern.  Make up your own Wimbley just...

FREE Kisses from Elvish Beret Crochet Pattern for Blythe

Here's a little beret I just finished for my Blythes. It kind of looks like a little Hershey's Kiss Elf hat so of course the name "Kisses from Elvish" seemed appropriate. It's simple enough that a...

Blythe Crochet Cloche Hat Pattern

I just finished this lacy cloche style hat for my Blythe this morning and posted the pattern on my Blog.  The pattern is simple enough for a beginner to make one up in just over an hour!

recent comments

Re: Igor Mousenstein

You are so welcome. My daughter who is 6 loved him as well! Enjoy!

Re: Pretty Little Monsters

Thank you!

Re: Etsy Selling: How to Raise Your Profile Profitably

Now I'm thinking I want to go and do a shop "makeover" using all the great tips you mentioned. Thanks!

Re: Hang your Quilt on the Wall—without Push-Pins

I've done this before and it's a fabulous way to show off your "art." It really looks very clean and professional. Also, if you are one of those people that rotate for the "season" it's easy to just slip it off and put up another piece without tearing up your wall which is what you'd do if you used the push pins.

Re: Fiber Arts Exhibit at Sacred Heart University is Sure to Please

Wow, I wish I lived closer. This looks really cool!

Re: Hi! Welcome to my Sewing Blog on CraftStylish!

Hi Shannon,
Nice to meet you and your family. My hubby is from Ohio so he would understand the whole "Ohio winter" thing. He graduated from Case Western Reserve in Cleveland.

Looking forward to more inspirational crafty goodness from your sewing Blog.

Re: Cross-Stitching on Knitted Fabric

Cute - what a great way to personalize a gift!

Re: Free Crochet Basket Pattern

Wow, looks like fun project. Thanks for the pattern!!!

Re: Craftypod Jewelry Projects

Really cool. I wonder how it would look with the metallic embroidery thread? I'm thinking about trying it and using the stiff starch product on the embroidery thread itself after I've crocheted the flower.

Anyway, got to try it!

Re: How to Make Pretty Pincushions

These are gorgeous! What a great idea and a great tutorial!!!

Re: Crochet as Art: Joana Vasconcelos

Really gorgeous - thanks for introducing us to Joana's work.