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Re: Easy Piecing for Inset Corners and Triangles

Okay, I just tried the triangles creation and it is perfect! :) I admit I was lost but now am convinced. Thank you so much!!!!!

Re: Easy Piecing for Inset Corners and Triangles

I found this tutorial and love it BUT I am lost on the triangles. It appears when you stitch you'd knock off one corner of the square. Am I missing something or do I need to just try it to see?

Re: How to Turn '80s Sweaters into Fashionable Floor Cushions

Thrift stores, Goodwill, Salvation Army... lots of sweaters. I found a much-too-small cashmere sweater ($2.99 at St. Vincent Charity thrift store) that will make a great pillow! The sleeves are going to be wrist warmers after I dye them with kool aid. (nearly boiling water in an appropriately sized pot, throw in a packet or two of your favorite un-sweetened kool aid or generic drink mix, stuff in your wool of choice and watch it soak up the color).

Re: Restyle Sweater Sleeves into Leg Warmers

Yeah! Great idea! You've inspired me to use some of the $2.99 wool sweaters to make wrist warmers. A too-small cashmere sweater, now felted, is becoming super soft wrist warmers. Thank you so much!

Re: Totally Tubular: How to Sew a Cowl

Cal, you are so cool! I love this and you are so kind to share. I'll work on some today for last minute gifts and, of course, for me!
Fleece, trims, buttons, devore, ... not to forget mini-cuffs to keep the cold from headed up coat sleeves...
=-D Thank you, Christina

Re: A Blooming Tutorial (from a Winner of the Tote Bag Challenge!)

Great tutorial Erin and so many possibilities for embellishment with the holidays looming large. Thank you for sharing this!

Re: Make It: Quilted Flowers

Beautiful Mary Ray! The texture and artistic qualities are wonderful. Many MANY possibilities, so great of you to share.
Question: Any reason why you don't/can't create the leaves and then cut them out?