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Re: What is the most creative handmade Halloween costume you have seen?

When my children were 3, 5, and 7 I made them space alien costumes. I took a cute little sun suit pattern and enlarged it around the waist and hips. Made one out of Bright chartreuse one was florescent orange and one florescent green. Then I stuffed the the waist and hips with crepe paper. I dressed them in long sleeved black turtle neck shirts and black tights under the costumes. Then I added a form fitting cap that I made that came down and hooked under their chins. I made those out of the same as the suits and I put 2 pipe cleaners out of the top with styrofoam balls on the top of them that I had painted to match the suits. Then I clown paint and colored it to match their suits. They were so cute. Every one commented on it. However my oldest son is now 44 and he still has not forgiven me for the tights.

Re: What machine are you sewing on now?

I have a Janome 1600 P DB that I use to quilt on with my Little gracie. I love it, it is really a work horse. I have a Janome 9500 Memory Craft that is my dream machine. I use it almost every day. I make at least 20 quilts a year for friends, family, charity and gifts, not to mention other items.
It also embroiders beautifully.
Sometimes I will set it to embroider while I am quilting, and do the thread changes when I stop for a few minutes at the end of rows if the embroidering has stopped for a color change.
This week I bought me a vintage Singer year 1919 in perfect condition that was a one owner machine. I could not pass it up. I would reccommend any of these machines. The Janome 9500 comes with every foot you need. And does buttonholes so automatically that you do not have to measure or anything I told my husband that was worth the price alone.

Re: Flower Power Necktie Bag

Love this bag will start on it this afternoon. Have all kinds of recycled materials.

Re: How to Make a Reusable Sandwich Wrap

Thank you for such a cute pattern. I am going to hurry up and make 5 of these and a lunch bag for my daughter she is 42 by the way to take to work with her I will send them to her for Mothers Day. After all, she is a mother too. And what a fun surprise for her. I would still love to win the book, I know there is so much more in there.

Re: Book Giveaway: The Bold and the Beautiful: Button It Up

This is a book I would love to have in my library. I would use it a lot. In my crafting as well as in my quilting. Thank you.