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Easy Sunglasses Case

If you want to make one, or want to know what other cool, new, free tutorials are out this month for all types of crafters, click away!

Eyeball hat

Eyeball hat was handspun from salvaged wool roving, then knit. I felted an eyeball, attached it with felted details, then embroidered the pupil and iris details.

Rabid's Hardanger

Just a random sampling of the stuff I've worked on lately.

recent comments

Re: Book Giveaway: Crafty Chica's Guide to Artful Sewing!

Woohoo I'm in!

Re: How to Make Singleton Buttons

Now THIS is an utterly wonderful idea. I have tons of those rings and didn't know what to do with them. Thank you so much, they're beautiful!

Re: Book Giveaway: The Bold and the Beautiful: Button It Up

Oh wow, these are some REALLY neat ideas! I'd love this book :)

Re: Rabid's Hardanger

hahaha thank you! That was my own design, for a friend!

Re: Fabric Bracelets

Love it! May have to make one myself.

Re: Join the National Crochet Month Crochet-Along

Awesome! I've never had the guts to try freeform crochet :D

Re: Never Stop Learning: Take a Craft Class

I teach classes in Michigan and they're fun for everyone :) I love taking classes myself ;)

Re: Learn to Make a French Knot Like a Pro!

Thanks! For as long as I've done embroidery (almost 2 decades), I still struggle with the French Knot.

Re: Traveling with Your Embroidery

For those of us who *need* sharp, pointed scissors for our embroidery (hardanger), US flights will allow you to take scissors on the plane as long as the blade is less than 4". My embroidery scissors are shorter than the maximum blade length so they never give me any trouble :)

I just need to remember to stop packing my needle storage tin in my carry-on bag. THAT trips up security!

Re: How to Make a Satin-Smooth Satin Stitch

Very helpful. I also like to keep my threads from twisting. Straight threads add to the shine :)