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The Ultimate Sewing Room contest entry

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Re: Upcycle that thrifted India skirt into a simple summer dress!


Re: Plush Monsters

My son has been looking for some crafts and this looks like something that he would really enjoy!
Also a great way to use those fabric that you find unattractive :)

Re: How to Make a Summertime Lantern

I've been saving different size cans to do this with, so this is great! Her idea about trying different screws, nails, drivers, etc to make different shaped & sized punches is brilliant! I also really love how the designs really cover the whole can. Beautiful!

Re: How to Make a Recycled Sweater for a Dog

I can never find dog styles that fit my cat properly, so I've been wanting to figure out how to make clothes for her. She's a skinny little thing so she's always cold...
This is fantastic! Thanks!

Re: DIY Bridal Comb

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm getting married on Saturday, and I'm still working on the cutting & getting the length right, so I definitely needed to know how to pull it all together... QUICK!

Re: Personalize Your Gifts with Fabric Labels

Excellent! It had never really occurred to me that I could make printed personalized labels like this!
And here I had been looking into ordering them!
Thank you!

Re: Make a Leaf for the Tree Project: Interdependence

New to this site, so this is something completely new & different to me.
Thanks for posting! I'll be sharing this with some crafty friends!

Re: How to Turn '80s Sweaters into Fashionable Floor Cushions

Your post + beautiful sweater that no longer fits + $3.00 on clearance pillow from home store (+ribbon for accent)=
Beautiful new home decor!

Re: How to Recycle a Sweater into a Chair Cover

I am loving all the great things I'm learning on this site to do with the sweaters I have hanging around that I love, but haven't worn in years.

Re: Weave New Life into an Old Sweater with a Simple Ribbon Accent

So simple, yet such great results!
Heading to the thrift store now!

Re: It's Time to Do Something about the Black Hole

This is great! Maybe now that I have a clue how to re-do the lining in a purse, I can add some pockets to a large bag I've been starting to hate, to make it more user-friendly!

Re: How to Make Stuffed Valentine Doll

This is so cute! With the little rolled up wishes it could be great as a gift to girlfriends, or even modified for birthday,etc gifts.

(and I have to agree-- the face is pretty nifty)

Re: How to Draft a One-Seam Skirt in 30 Minutes

I have a piece of charcoal fleece that I was thinking would be great for a skirt, but since I haven't done much in clothes-making I was worried about messing it up.
This is Perfect!!
Thank you!