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Re: How to Make an Impression: Extraordinary Thank-You Notes

Every year for each of my children we handmade the invitations- one year we had a pirate party and soaked the paper in tea (to look old), burned the edges, and then sealed each with a red ribbon and a dob of wax onto which we had pressed a button with an anchor on it- it looked great, and each year children commented on the party the year before - but your lovely paperwork reminded me of the invitations that people seemed to like the most. Oldest daughter wanted a ballerina party when she was about seven or eight.
I had no idea how to do a ballerina invitation and then had a brainwave- ballerina paper dolls.
I used fuschia pink paper and drew an elaborate ballerina leaing to one side with hands above her head. I folded some paper so that there were five or six folds (skinny ballerina) and so that she was joined to the next ballerina by her skirt and elbows and one foot. It took a long time to cut each ballerina paper doll stack with my craft knife and then put the details on each- a little information on each ballerina, but it was great fun, NO CHILD lost their inivitation and I still have one...if I can find it I will take a photo and post it.
I used to do notes like this to people when i was a child- but with a lot less detail and the cutting was somewhat haphazard, so thank you for some wonderful inspiration to get back to the things I used to do and love :)