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Re: How to Make a Bridal T-shirt

This looks like a very cute, non-bridal project for me. I could see it in blues and greens...

Re: How to Make Fabulously Flexible Resin Sheets

This is such a great idea! I always put off doing resin projects until I have a bunch to do at once, but now I will just mix up extra and have a bonus of resin sheets to play with. Fun!

Re: Confessions of a Polygamist Crafter

I don't feel guilty about having a lot of interests. I make stuff - or work on a personal project - daily, in a variety of mediums, and I think it keeps me sane. I just wish I had more space and time for it all.

Re: How to Knit a Stripey Short-Rows Wavy Hat

I love these hats! I made a hat several years ago that was constructed from side to side but it was not nearly as fun as yours. I will probably try all the variations, too.