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Re: Zipper Tape Necklace

I agree with most posters that this particular design is not something most of us would wear. It is WAY too heavy and weird for most occasions. I have, however, seen some very nicely done zipper tape embellishments - flowers, simple swirls or ruffles - that look terrific attached to a purse or jacket. Just look upon this necklace as a tutorial and come up with your own idea for jewelry or embellishments. Zipper tape CAN make quite a statement and be done in a way that suits your own personal style beautifully.

I'm thinking of combining zipper tape with hardware store finds, beads and/or embroidery. And now there is an image in my head of a swirly corkscrewish earring that I must attempt. I have only to uncover my stash of zippers and some time to play with them. Time, there's the rub...

Thank you for the inspiration!