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Re: DIY Paper Projects Perfect for Your Next Party

Something about the simplicity of the dark on light along with the delicate designs make this stunning.

You inspire us all. We don't need complex materials, just the basics and an artist's eye (and a steady hand) can make the most wondrous of creations.

Re: Win Three Great Patterns from SUEDEsays

These look like they'd be a great addition to my pattern collection. Thanks for the chance to win!

And how wonderful that this young man has the chance to use his talents and do what he loves to make a living. :-)

Re: Create "Spooky Halloween Silhouettes" with Jeffery Rudell

That is too, TOO clever. Sometimes simplicity is best. I love it!

Re: What sewing projects are you working on this week?

Not too long ago the discussion question was, "What will you be working on this fall?" I'm happy to say I'm doing what I said. I'm taking a stack of unfinished quilt tops, finishing them and finding homes for them. It just seems wasteful to me for all these projects that cost time, money and energy to be sitting around, not being used.

I spent most of the day yesterday brushing up my machine quilting skills by heavily quilting a a baby quilt. Next, I'll be straining my neck and shoulder muscles quilting a queen size quilt for a wedding gift. I made that by adding wide, wide white borders to a round robin quilt center completed years ago.

I also started a rather complicated t-shirt quilt for a customer. She had lots and lots of special requests, which will make this a fun (and hopefully profitable) challenge.

Iceni, let us know how the suggestions here worked for you. I wish we could post pics, I'd love to see what you've done, it surely will be lovely.