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Re: How to Make a Reusable Sandwich Wrap

Oops...We need an edit button, lol. I was going to say the foil works best for me, tried using a ziploc bag but it was sooo slippery I got mad and ditched it. ;)

Re: How to Make a Reusable Sandwich Wrap

I made mine about 6 months ago and for the lining I use foil lined chip bags. You know, like veggie fries or chips come in? Just cut the bottom seam off, then cut down the center back seam, open and wash it, hang to dry and cut it out right along with your pattern. My husband uses his everyday and works in a machine shop,so it gets some rough use. It has held up very well and I make his sandwich the night before and it stays fresh until lunch the next day! It wipes out so easily, but honestly it rarely actually has anything more than crumbs left on it. I know the lining is safe because food is packaged in it to sell, I am accumulating a nice little stash so I can make a bunch of these for Christmas gifts! I tried making one with just a double lining of fabric...reversible for fun. I put some bread in it and let it set and after just 3 hours the bread was drying out, so it def needs a liner to keep them fresh and the foil

Re: Necktie dresses and skirts

This is cool, I bet it feels wonderful to wear and can't imagine how long that took. Great job!