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Re: How do you store your fabric stash?

Funny you should ask - I just finished cleaning my sewing room & all the storage shelves, reviewing my fabric inventory is the next step (I try to do it once a year - right after the holiday sewing madness is finished.)
Silks & upholstery/deco fabrics are stored on rolls standing in the sewing room closet. Lining & interfacing have 1 deep drawer each in the credenza that holds my machines (this helps control the amount I amass). The remaining fabrics are stowed in 18 gallon totes or bankers' boxes according to fabric type - top & bottom weight wovens, wool, knits, fleece, etc - these are stored in the sewing room closet & atop cabinets in the laundry room. The boxes are all numbered, and I keep an inventory of the contents of each. I try to remember to update it as fabric is removed, the remains are returned to the box, or new fabrics are added. Remnants & scraps are in easily accessible labeled boxes. I can grab appropriate bits for small projects, making facings or trims, trying new sewing/dying/painting techniques or making patches.
Now I just need to figure out how to stow all the boxes so I can access the fabric in the bottom ones without lifting & removing all the upper boxes.