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Re: How to Crochet with Fabric

I have crocheted with fabric strips too and made some great rugs and a really beautiful tote bag. Then I thought what can I do with all those plastic bags from the grocery store and the big "chain store"? Well,first I cut those plastic bag handles off, then I cut strips of plastic just like the fabric strips....rolled them into balls and started crocheting! Guess what, plastic bags can be crocheted into ANYTHING that fabric can! Rugs, placemats, totes, costers,sunhats, you name it! I DO NOT recommend making clothing though....not too stable and the plastic tends to stick to your body! Try crocheting with those plactic bags that the stores give you FREE! It's fun and you'll be amazed at how they turn out....especially if you use different colors of plastic bags!!!!!!!

Re: How to Embroider the Back Pocket of Your Favorite Pair of Jeans

Not everyone has an embrodiery machine! What's your idea for those of us who will have to use a needle and floss/ribbon or the built-in stitches on our sewing machines?

Re: How to Make Heart Sachet Sets

I plan to make catnip hearts for my 2 sweet cats, LuckyLu and Greycie! Afterall, they spend hours with me helping me sew...they are my little "sewingcats""!