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100 ways to wear a Convertible Dress!

I will be adding more to this blog soon...  Please be patient and feel free to share your own designs for the Convertible Dress! The Sewinlove Convertible Dress can be worn 100 different ways...

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Re: Chocolate Cake Ring

I'm obsessed with these rings! I love food and I love miniatures, what a perfect marriage!

Re: Last Chance to Choose the Winner

Ahallet did a superb job on the knit dress. Oscar de la Renta's designs are no joke and the dress reflects the swimsuit perfectly! I love the wearability of the dress design, being done in knit fabric, and the cuts fit together beautifully. Even the colors are an exact match! This is a very talented designer "imposter" and I mean that term to be taken as the nicest of compliments.

Re: How to Make Your Own Undies

I've been making my own undies too! So glad someone put a tutorial on here to show others how easy it is! I had this great pair of boyshorts from Victoria's Secret and I loved the design and the fit was perfect, but couldn't find other colors I liked... So I found a similar poly-spandex fabric on sale and bought some cute colors. It doesn't take a whole lot of fabric and you can get several pairs from one yard. I used a technique kind of like this to copy the pattern of my fave panties onto heavy paper so it would lay flat as I pinned it to the delicate fabric. The pattern I made was only one piece and has a scalloped edge to prevent fraying at the unfinished edge which looks super cute! Clear elastic is great for keeping the shape of the inside seams in panties - if you have a serger you can serge the elastic right into the seams. You can also find decorative elastic specifically made for the edge of panties. Just an extra tip: It's important to lay your pattern on the grain line or the panties will get warped, not to mention it's a pain to sew fabric when it's been cut off the grain.

Re: Project Runway Ep. 3 Recap

What is up with Nicolas and Gordana's blue mermaid legging chaps? Looks like they skinned that opera singer from the 5th Element and pasted what was left of her legs on top of the outfit. Yuck!

Re: SewStylish Fall Fashion Challenge Official Rules

Does it have to be made from a pattern? Can it be an original design altogether which was inspired by a designer?

Re: Project Runway, Episode 1 Recap

I don't have cable anymore and now SOOO regretting it! Project Runway was the only thing worth watching! Now that it's back I'm wishing I could see it! Thank you for posting the photos, THREADS!! Irina Shabayeva's dress is amazing! Three's company when it comes to gorgeous fabrics - combining lace, satin, and chiffon was an exquisite choice! Most of the designs were expectedly elegant but still original. I sense a very inspiring season ahead. It looks like they're recognizing true talent early on. But seriously, this Ari person can't even sketch to save their life it seems, so why bother?? If it's the future she's seeing, then fashion design is definitely NOT in hers...