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Re: Project Runway - The Highs and Lows of Fashion

Where is the color? Even thought the judges hated Anthony's and Seth's designs, at least it had some color. When are these designers going to get away from grays, blacks and browns? I wish one of the next challenges was to design anything that is not black! Also give me 50.00 worth of fabric and I can sew something wonderful. These designers with their "look down their nose attitude" shows me their lack of character. Us "poor" folks is what can keep you in business!

Re: Project Runway: Season 6 Finale

I am disappointed that Irina won. Her looks were too dark and you could not see the detail on tv. I wish Carol Hannah had won because her attention to detail was amazing and she is self-taught! I loved that blue dress( 13th) look. I hope season 7 brings more color in everyone's design.

Re: Which holiday do you like to sew for and why?

I love Christmas, but I never seem to get inspiration until Dec. 22. I always try to sew some of my Christmas gifts. I always use to make pjs for my 5 children, but now it is just my youngest(12) that will wear them. I did just make my 23 yr old a tutu from the Thread Banger tutorial. She wore it to a Halloween party last night. AHH the good old days......

Re: Book Giveaway: Twinkle Sews by Wenlan Chia

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Have I won the book so far? Looking for some ideas to sew. Love it, love it, I need to go.
Shopping for some fabric now, Sew, sew Twinkle, make me WOW!

Re: Book Giveaway: Design-It-Yourself Clothes

Wow! I sew for others , but I get so frustrated because I lack the ability to make patterns. I adapt very well from store bought ones, but I would love to learn how to draft and create my own ideas. My customer today wants me to make bell bottoms for her 23 yr old son and I would love to do that without worrying if I got the pattern right. Thanks for the drawing!!!

Re: Who first taught you to sew?

My mother sewed all of her life, but at age 9 she enrolled me in the Singer Sewing Center's Beginning to Sew Class. It was in a workroom over the Singer sales floor. I remembered that I made a maxi skirt, pleasant blouse and a long vest that tied with a bow under the bust. It was so 1967! I remembered after that sewing doll clothes and sewing for myself since I was a chubby kid. Mom was always there giving me hints and showing me the proper way. This skill help me in college when the costume designer told me to make horizontal pleated pants for a Peter Pan pirate and I was able to do it. My mother died in 1984, but I will always remember that she had cut out her mother of the bride dress and still had not sewed it together when my aunt came into town with 4 days until the wedding. She got so mad at me because I did not let her sew my wedding dress( a friend from college did it). I also knew that she would be hemming my dress as I walked down the aisle. Now as I sew, repair and design clothing and home decor for my many customers I think of her when I have to rip something out. Most of the time it is because I did not do it the easy way she showed me. I have taught 4 of my 5 children to sew. When my 16 yr old son's costume had a rip in the pants this past weekend, he found the sewing machine back stage and sewed it up himself.
My 21 yr daughter called me the middle of May so excited because she had bought 2 sewing machines at the thrift store for 15.00! Both of them were heavy metal machines from the 60's.
It thrills my heart to see this spark of confidence and creativity in my children. Mom would be so proud!