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Re: Book Giveaway: World of Geekcraft

<-- Geek/Crafter here. This looks really awesome.

Re: Traveling with Your Embroidery

I usually travel with a clover thread cutter and a clover yarn cutter. I have one in my embroidery bag and one in my knitting bag. Only once was I stopped in a small airport and they pulled out the yarn cutter asking what it was. The guy laughed when I told him and said "It isn't a chinese throwing star?". I have spoken with people that put the cutter on a cord around their neck to try and avoid TSA questions. While I can stitch on a plane doing it in a car makes me motion sick. I always carry knitting with me because I can do it in a car.

Re: How to Make Pretty Pincushions

I love this. I would like to use your instructions and this idea for a program for an embroidery guild meeting. Can I have you permission to use this?