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Re: Make Your Own Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

Use old, washed cotton or T shirt scraps for these.
Be careful what new fabrics you use, as the fabric finishes on new fabrics can take several washing to remove those chemicals.....

Re: DIY Reverse-Applique Eyeglass Case

Why weren't the leaf shapes cut out earlier, before sewing up the sides? It just makes more sense to work while the fabric is flat (easier to cut a flat piece any time).

Re: How Spray-Paint Stencils Saved a Tablecloth

This is sooo cute! It reminds me of the 40's style table cloths.

I have tried spray painting, but not on tablecloths. From that experience, I would recommend using a spray glue on the back side of the stencil before starting. This will keep the stencil flat against the fabric. And spray won't blur at the edges (your stencil will still pull off the fabric easily).
Also, I used clear plastic, and cut it out with a hot stencil 'knife' that melts the line you are cutting (sooo easy!)