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Re: How To Create Prints with Stencils, a Spray Bottle, and Paint

Hi! I actually have a question about the red ruffly cardigan from a t-shirt. I posted it in the comments box for that, but I believe you haven't seen it since it's so old, thus I'm commenting on the recent tutorial of yours. Plus, I don't think there's anyway I can message you.

Hope you can answer me here!

I tried it with a fitted t-shirt, with a slightly low neckline, but longer. Everything was fine, up until the pinning and gathering. It came out too short, so I sewed the 4th on, and it still was too short. Especially when it was gathered.
My question is, what is the normal length of one piece of ruffle strip? Also another question is, did you do two gathering basting lines or just one? I did one, and I gathered, and I sewed the ruffle, but the ruffle wasn't set, and I could still spread it.