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Bedspread quilt

This is a colorful patterned bedspread that can also be used as a blanket on a cold winter day.  There are sixty-four 8" X 10"knitted patches big enough to cover a queen sized bed.  The...

Friendship Shawl

Since this shawl used yarns made from recycled water bottles, I considered this fun project to be inspired by the "water" category.  I call this the "Friendship Shawl" because this is a very...

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Re: Men's shirt makeover

You look good in that color. Great job! A fun to-do product on my list. Thanks!

Re: My Man's Shirt ReMade

Loved this finished product. The pattern is unique. Great job!

Re: How to Crochet a Flower: Part 2, Embellishing

Thanks for the beautiful tutorial photo and instructions! Time for me to get out the yarn and the crocheting needles. This looks like fun!

Re: Touch of Asia

Thanks for sharing the beautiful Asia design. Love your design! Keep up the good work!