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Re: The "Times" They Are A-Changing: How to Make a Basket from a Newspaper

OMG, this is the perfect solution to a problem i have every year. i live on a disability check, but i have 19 people i want to get gifts for at christmas. i bake a lot of their gifts, but the biggest problem i have is finding some nice way to package their gifts. at $1.oo apiece even gift bags are too expensive, but if i start now, i can make a paper basket for everybody on the list, and i can make them smaller, than this one and they will be PERFECT!!!! thank you SO much. sue hieber, wichita,ks

Re: Book Giveaway - Craft Challenge: Dozens of Ways to Repurpose a Pillowcase

this book is oh so cute, hope i win

Re: Book Giveaway: Eco Craft: Recycle Recraft Restyle

this looks like a great book, i hope i win.

Re: 2 Pugs in Hats


Re: Doggie Cardigan

i swear, i'll never fall asleep in this house again

Re: Funny Bunny

yes, i'll be going as a violin on halloween