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Re: How to Add to Your Bottom Line

I really appreciate posts like this because you can take the ideas into so many different applications and fabrics. It would have taken time think up and fabricate the samples and I thank you for your efforts. All the best Susan

Re: How to Embellish a Cardigan with Fabric-covered Buttons

Lovely cardigan. Even uncovered buttons work well like this. I have a cardigan that was attacked by moths and just stitched random pearl and shell buttons on it. Not as stylish as this wonderful design, but extended the life of a garment which darning would have ruined.

Re: How to Make Dorset Buttons

Great tutorial and what utterly fabulous fingernails you have!

Re: Make a Paper Version and Figure It OUT!

It is a great tip, thank you! Sometimes I do this using non-woven interfacing scraps as I find it bends and pins well.

Re: How to Use Scraps of Knit Fabric to Make Origami Squares, Part II

I agree that you have now created a very sophisticated look However, by posting the original you (a) showed the technique clearly because of the contrast and (b) have now shown us how colour/texture etc impact on a design. It is good to open our minds to how often we might make a quick judgment about a technique, when it is really the colour that is not quite what we want.

I, for one, appreciate seeing a process of developing a design, then tweaking it a little. Thank you!

Re: How to Make a Super-Simple Recycled Quilt

This is a great project. I am a little tired of my sewing machine atm, so decided to do one of these completely by hand. I left a 5/8" hem on the bottom fabric all around which I then folded over the top sheet and hemmed with a contrast running stitch in embroidery floss. This makes it a 100% hand made project and one which lends itself to non-sewers. For example,I have got my non sewing book group to make one as a group thing. I got a check/stripe combination for them to help with the grid (first checking that it was printed true on the grain).

This is a very versatile quilt and you can vary the look depending on what you tie with and the fabric you choose

Re: How to Turn Bed Sheets into Shopping Totes

Excellent Erika - not only are you a great designer but a flexible teacher - and that is real class! I officially award you an 'Obama' - the Oscar of creativity and generosity.

Re: How to Turn Bed Sheets into Shopping Totes

This is a great idea and clever pattern. Hard to decide on the 'collector' issue as I think it depends on what you really love. But I would have sacrificed them as you did!

Just one thought. I came across my teenage daughter looking at this and getting confused about the corners. She wanted to know how you could stitch air together. She understood when I explained you needed to join the seams and you were getting rid of bulk etc. However, I wonder if other inexperienced sewers might need a sentence or two more. Think it over.

Meanwhile, I am about to cut into some 1920s William Morris Liberty Linen to make dog coats - just joking!

Thanks for a really great posting Erika!